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People often get overzealous when it comes to garbage disposal units. Garbage disposals are meant for small bits of food only, and even then, the small bits should be fed into the running disposal blades gradually to prevent backup and clogs.

A lot of people treat garbage disposals in a way similar to a trashcan, assuming that it is ok to cram food leftovers and waste down the drain. There are certain types of food and waste that should never make it into the garbage disposal in the first place: potato peels, onion skins, egg shells, bones, celery stalks and shrimp peels should all be avoided.  Foods that expand when moistened, such as rice and noodles, are also troublesome. Avoid pouring liquid grease down the drain, if it hardens, it will clog up the pipes and is very difficult to scoop out. You can compost all the waste mentioned above instead.

A garbage disposal will start to smell when food debris builds up. The first sign for a food buildup is the detection of a lingering odor that waxes and wanes throughout the day. If the problem is not addressed, this lingering odour will eventually turn into an unbearable and overpowering stench.
Try these organic cleaning steps to help eliminate the odor, and if these do not work, call us to schedule an appointment.

  • Place a handful of ice cubes and citrus peels, lemons, oranges or limes in the drain of the garbage disposal.
  • Turn on cold water and then switch on the garbage disposal for 15 to 30 seconds.
  • Then turn off the disposal and continue to rinse with cold water for 15 more seconds.

Get rid of the grease buildup by following these steps:

  • Turn on hot water and then turn on the garbage disposal.
  • Squeeze a tablespoon of dish washing liquid in the disposal drain.
  • Then run hot water for 15 to 30 seconds while the disposal drain is running.
  • Finally, turn the garbage disposal off and continue to let hot water run until the suds are gone and water starts to flow freely down the drain.

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