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Plumbing and Water Efficiency

Water efficiency means using resources responsibly, planning ahead for usage and purchasing more sustainable fixtures and plumbing systems for your home.

Facts About Plumbing and Water Efficiency

  • Nearly 65 per cent of all indoor water use occurs in the bathroom.
  • One drop a second from a leaky faucet can waste about 10,000 liters of water a year. A toilet that keeps running after it is flushed can waste up to 200,000 liters in the same time period.
  • Standard shower heads release 15 to 20 liters of water a minute. A low-flow model can reduce that volume by half.
  • Cutting showers short by a minute or two can save up to 680 liters a month.
  • For an average of four flushes a day, a conventional 18-litre toilet uses nearly 30,000 litres of water a year.
  • The average in-ground pool takes nearly 100,000 liters to fill.

Saving water starts with the obvious. First, fix leaks, from dripping faucets to running toilets. Second, monitor and reduce the amount of water you are actually using. Third, install water saving products, such as low-flow shower heads and high efficiency toilets.

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