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Why Is My Sump Pump Not Working? Pt. 2

In the previous blog, we explored how water levels (or lack thereof) can cause a sump pump to not function properly, as well as emphasized the importance of sump pump maintenance near Toronto. Let’s take a look at a few other reasons why you’re sump pump may cause you trouble:

What Else Can Cause a Sump Pump to Fail?

Clogged Sump Pumps or Switches

If your sump pump doesn’t have a lid, it will get clogged and dirty over time — either slowing it down or stopping it from working entirely. This issue can rise to the surface due to the following:

  • The sump pit gets gummed up with dirt and debris
  • The pump’s mechanical parts become clogged and dirty over time
  • The float switch jams
  • Switches can become tangled in the system and can either stop working or be stuck in the “on” position, meaning your sump pump is running non-stop

What you can do: Have your sump inspected as it may need repairs or replacement. If you upgrade, make sure your next unit is covered with an airtight sealed lid that prevents debris and ensures water won’t evaporate right back into your basement. 

Clogged or Frozen Discharge Lines

Sump pumps expel collected water through discharge lines, and when they become frozen or clogged, the system fails. The lines should be clear and covered, as they’re designed to transport water out of your basement and far away from your foundation.

What you can do: Consult our professionals to ensure your sump’s discharge line can’t freeze up.

Power Lost to the Sump Pump

The same storm that causes a basement flood is the one to knock down power lines. If your sump pump loses power, your basement’s vulnerable to catastrophe. If your circuit breaker trips or your pump’s accidentally unplugged, your sump pump’s functionality is suddenly M.I.A.

What you can do: Back it up with another high-capacity, battery-operated backup unit.

Non-Stop Running

When a sump pump runs too often or continuously, regardless of season or weather conditions, it’s a sign of a problem that needs to be addressed promptly. Here are some things that cause a sump pump to work overtime:

  • Stuck switches
  • Pump/liner isn’t appropriately sized
  • The check valve is broken or missing
  • Continually-flooding sump pit

What you can do: A sump pump that runs non-stop under normal conditions may fail at a critical time. Call on a technician to look at it before inclement weather strikes.

For more information about sump pump installation near Toronto, contact our team now!

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