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Why Plumbers Charge More than Other Tradespeople

If you’ve ever hired a plumber, you might have asked yourself the following questions at some point: how come plumbers charge more than other tradespeople? What is it about plumbing that requires service fees that are so high? You might especially wonder this after you notice that the job only took a couple of hours, leading you to think that you could have possibly done it yourself.

The truth is, there’s a reason the plumber made it look so easy. The amount of education, training, work experience and licensing that go into becoming a certified working plumber are simply staggering when compared to other vocations. Consider the numbers to get a better idea. In order to become a certified plumber, the following is required:

  • 5 years of schooling
  • 9000 working hours in an apprenticeship program
  • Written provincial examinations
  • Specialized licenses and insurance

Keep in mind, that’s just to get the skills and experience. In order to practice the craft of plumbing, you also need highly specialized tools and equipment, a means of transportation and communication, and a physical brick-and-mortar location to be based out of.

Why all the requirements?

While most plumbing jobs might seem simple and straightforward enough, the fact is that a plumbing inconvenience is always one step away from a plumbing disaster. In the hands of an unskilled amateur plumber, a task that is routine for a professional can result in significant damage to your property.

Plumbing systems are precise, well designed structures that are fundamental of our domestic infrastructure. They need to be 100% reliable to keep people functioning and healthy in their everyday lives and any disruption, no matter how small, quickly turns into a major inconvenience.

As a result, highly skilled and experienced professional plumbers like the ones at Priority Plumbing are in high demand every single day. On top of having the highest level of technical skill, what sets Priority Plumbing apart is our dedication to customer service. Our promptness, courtesy and professionalism have gotten us multiple rewards and recognition within the industry. Our pricing is always fair, and simply reflects our dedication to being the best when it comes to skill, experience and equipment.

When a plumbing problem arises, call Priority Plumbing. We’ll make it look easy and save you a headache every time.


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