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Toronto Plumbers: Phone Quotes Are Not Reliable

When a serious plumbing issue strikes your home, such as a clogged toilet, backed up sewer line or leaky pipe, one of the first questions people often ask, other than “how soon can this be repaired?” is “how much is this going to cost to repair?” Being concerned about price is perfectly understandable, but can lead to many traps.

Some people will try to shop around for the best plumbing work prices over the phone. This is problematic because no reputable plumber can assess the situation over the phone so as to give an accurate quote for the job. The might be able to give you the minimum price for the work, but that would reflect only the cost of visiting your home. Normally, a good plumber needs to see the situation in person in order to provide and accurate quote.

Without proper inspection, the plumber cannot know how much work there is to do. A simple clogged drain could potentially be the symptom of a larger problem, such as a backed up sewer line. The nature of the clog itself can’t be correctly assessed either without investigation. Having a look at the problem first-hand will determine what course of action will be needed to correct it.

Reputable plumbers like the ones at Priority Plumbing will visit your home and assess the problem before giving you an accurate quote on the work to be done. They should also provide a detailed explanation of the issue with a breakdown of the costs involved in fixing it. That’s why it’s best to shop for a plumber by reputation, not by price. Reputable plumbers like Priority Plumbing will also work at reasonable prices, with the well-being of the customer as their top priority.

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