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Why We Provide Bio-Clean Services to the Toronto Area

Working in plumbing industry often means using a lot of chemicals to try and unclog drains, fix toilets, and everything else that goes into keeping a home’s plumbing systems working smoothly.

These chemicals should only be used by trained professionals, and can be dangerous to human health. Also, it’s important to note that these things are dangerous to the environment. Since we all share the same world, it is up to all of us together to help make it safer and cleaner. That is why the Priority Plumbing team provides bio-clean services to Toronto residents.

How can plumbing hurt the environment?

Plumbing doesn’t directly harm mother nature, but the chemicals that we use unclog drains can do a hefty bit of damage. The chemicals inside of cleaners can often destroy pipes by corroding them over time, and when they are poured down the drain, they end up in the water system. While nobody is in any direct danger from what is poured down the drain, over time, the production and use of these chemicals can hurt our environment.

What is Bio-Clean?

Bio-clean is an environmentally friendly cleaner that uses bacteria to eat away at the materials that are clogging your drains. It attacks organic matter in the drain like grease, hair, food, and sewage, and changes the waste particles into water, CO2, and mineral ash, which will not harm the system or the environment. It does not produce fumes, and is non-toxic. It is safe and non-polluting.

What better way to deal with material clogging up your drain than a natural solution that eats away at it?

It is our duty together to do as much as we all can to protect our environment. Sometimes, drain clogs require heavy-duty chemicals, but most times, a bio-clean product can do the trick, all without the harmful side effects. So next time you need a drain unclogged, call the drain clearing professionals, and know that we will not only provide you with great same-day service, but also use products that help save the environment.

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