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A Closer Look at Chemical Drain Cleaners

Chemical drain agents falsely promise users seamless solutions and the immediate removal of all clogs. The truth of the matter is that these lye-based chemical drain cleaners are dangerous household products that are more harmful than beneficial. Approximately one hundred and fifty million dollars are spent per year on the chemical drain industry alone. Much of that money literally goes right down the drain (pun intended). Here are a few reasons why you should avert chemical drain solutions and opt for the more traditional and effective plumbing methods:

  • Crystals, a type of chemical drain cleaner, when exposed to aluminum (a common material in some older sinks) can generate a choking cloud of lye-laden gas.
  • Crystal based chemicals, once in your drainage system, could cause serious damage to your pipes.
  • When ammonia-based chemical drain cleaners and common household cleaners mix, they could cause a dangerous concoction to burst out of your clogged drain.
  • For some chemicals, when you pour too much of one product down the drain, it can turn into a solid, stone-like block that is almost impossible to remove.
  • Biological cleaners that use enzymes or bacteria to chew through clogs are inefficient at removing clogs but they are useful at keeping drains free of organic material once clogs have been cleared.

We ask that you always let your technician know whether you have used any chemical draining agents. This will ensure the safety of our employees when they visit your property. Chemicals in drain solutions can cause serious burns on your skin as well as permanent eye damage.

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