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Preventing Frozen Pipes During Toronto Winters

With extreme Toronto weather come extreme plumbing problems. Frozen pipes are just one of the many winter related plumbing issues that Priority Plumbing is called for on a regular basis. When pipes freeze during the winter time, the water pressure inside them builds up and causes blockages and cracks to occur.

Prevention is the first line of action for risk management from the devastating effects of frozen and broken water pipes. We recommend that you take the following simple preventive measures to minimize the risk of flooding and pipe replacement.

  • For the bathroom and kitchen areas, open the cabinets under the sink to allow heat to circulate around and keep the pipes warm.
  • Add insulation to water pipes in unheated areas in your garage and basement. You can apply heat tape or other forms of insulation around water supply pipes that are exposed and prone to freezing. Please remember that poorly done insulation work is a fire hazard. If you are not knowledgeable when it comes to insulation, hire a professional plumber to take care of the job for you.
  • Seal any leaks in your home that might allow cold air inside where pipes are located.
  • Keep thermostats set to at least 55 degrees when the house is vacant during the winter.
  • If the property is going to be empty over the winter, drain the plumbing system before you leave and shut off the water system completely.

The steps above could save you thousands of dollars in repair costs. A single crack in a frozen pump could cause the complete flooding of a basement in less than a few hours. Do not underestimate what severe cold weather can do to your pipes.

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us! Call Priority Plumbing or send us an e-mail to Schedule your Plumbing Repair & Installation Service throughout Toronto! 416-907-7972


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