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How do I tell if my Toilet is Leaking?

A leaking toilet means wasted water (potentially several gallons per day), but how do you detect a leak before you suddenly get a water bill that is four to five times what you would usually pay?

Here are a few tips to help you detect a toilet leak before it turns into a very expensive problem:

– Monitor how long the water runs after you flush the toilet.
– Monitor is there is any water leaking from the water pipe leading to the toilet.
– Monitor the water level in the tank.
– Pay attention to the sound of running water.
– Pay attention to the level of water in the toilet bowl.
– When you flush, pay attention to the movement of water in the bowl. Is it slow?
– Read the water meter in the basement to see how much water you have used in the past month. If the amount of water has increased, this is an indicator that you have a leak somewhere in your home’s plumbing system.

Although the tips above are very helpful, it can be tiring to the average homeowner to remember to keep an eye on all of them. One quick method to determine whether your toilet is leaking is the food coloring toilet test. Add a little coloring to the water in the tank but don’t flush it for a while. If the water in the bowl changes color, the valve is leaking. The leak may be temporarily stopped by rattling the toilet handle, or adjusting the lift chain or wire. You need to get a plumber to fix a plumbing leak permanently.

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