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What to do with a Clogged Sink

The commercials we see on television make it seem that every clogged sink drain can be effortlessly – and almost instantly – cleared by simply pouring a bottle of chemical drain cleaner down into the drain. Do not be fooled by these commercials, drain chemicals are not always the answer to the problem.

There are many cases when more than chemical treatment is needed – when the clog consists of something solid that was accidentally dropped down the drain and is stuck in the trap under the sink, or when the clog is just so heavy and so solidly packed into the drain pipe that it will not respond to simple chemical treatment.

As a rule, the first step is to try to unclog a stubborn sink drain by using a sink plunger. Before starting, make sure there is at least enough water in the sink to cover the rubber cup as it is positioned over the drain opening, and stuff a rag into the overflow opening (under the faucet spout, or under the rim of the sink on the opposite side) to block this tightly.

Now place the rubber cup over the drain opening and alternately press down and pull up three or four times. After the third or fourth stroke, yank the cup up and away from the drain opening with a little extra vigor. This creates a sudden suction action that is often effective in breaking up the clog. If the drain is still clogged, try this same routine three or four more times.

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