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What to Do After a Flood

Flooding can cause considerable damage to a property, and while you may be unable to prevent the damage from occurring in the first place, the damage caused by a flood can be significantly reduced if you implement the following precautions:

• Have a flood kit ready including food, bottled water, a first aid kit, any necessary medication, emergency telephone numbers, clothes, blankets, garbage bags, a flashlight, batteries, protective clothing, rubber boots, and cleaning materials.
• Make sure you know where and how to turn off water, gas and electricity supply lines.
• Move as many of your possessions (especially electrical items) upstairs, on high shelves or in a dry place to keep them away from flood water.
• If flooding occurs, put sandbags or flood boards in place. You should also try to prevent backflow by putting a sandbag in the toilet bowl and plugging sinks and baths.
• Roll up rugs and carpet and move them upstairs. You could also take curtains down or tie them up in a knot to keep them away from flood water.
• Make sure your electricity supply is switched off and don’t attempt to use any electrical appliances that may be wet.
• If your home has been damaged by the flood, contact your insurance company immediately. Also make sure to take photos of any damages as evidence to present to your insurance agent.

Once you have vacated the flooded area, you can contact Priority Plumbing’s Emergency Services to handle the rest of the cleaning process. Our plumbing professionals will determine what caused the flooding to occur, address the flooding problem and take all necessary measures to ensure that it will not happen again. Give us a call at 647-427-8624.