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How Does Plumbing Camera Drain Inspection Work?

If you are experiencing a problem with your property’s pipework and suspect a blockage, our qualified plumbing technicians can carry out a drain camera inspection in order to investigate the problem. A drain camera inspection involves using a small, waterproof camera attached to a long flexible wire which can be passed into the drain.

Even if the drain is blocked with water, the camera is able to produce a clear picture on a video screen, allowing the technician to view the interior of the pipework and identify the source of the blockage or problem.

A drain camera inspection enables the following types of issues to be identified clearly and easily:

  • Blockages and buildup
  • Intrusion of tree roots into pipework
  • Cracks or breakages in the pipework causing damage

The drain camera inspection technique is a less intrusive method to identify problems in your pipes, which can often be rectified without further damage to property. For instance, in cases where a blockage or buildup has been identified, hydro jetting will eliminate the problem rapidly.

If you experience a pipework problem on your property, trust a plumbing service with the right tools and the right experience that can use drain camera inspection techniques to investigate the issue. You’ll find that your repair process will be much faster and more efficient than using traditional methods to find the source of your blockage.

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