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How to Extend the Life of Your AC and Save Money Doing It

We all love the sunshine and warm weather, but when things get sweltering there is nothing better than pumping the air conditioning and sitting in a nice cool house. But the last thing you want to do is pay unnecessarily high energy bills just to cool your home!

You can save money on your cooling bills and extend the life of your AC with these tips from Priority Plumbing. When it comes to ensuring your air conditioning system lasts, every bit goes a long way.

Change the air filters

The air filters are responsible for filtering out large particles from the system. Over time, harmful particles find their way into the system and clog up the works. This leads to poor performance and higher energy bills because of that. You can extend the life of your AC just by cleaning or changing the filters regularly.

Don’t run it while you aren’t home

A lot of homeowners run the AC while they are away just so they can come home to a cool home. This has its benefits, but usually ends up draining the life of the AC by making it work too hard. Not to mention sending your bills skyrocketing. A lot of the air in your home will escape anyway, especially when you open up the door to come in. Your best bet is to only use where and when you need it.

Keep all of your vents clear

One big mistake that homeowners make is putting furniture over vents. By putting that couch, chair, or carpet on a vent, you are either completely taking away its circulating ability or at least hindering it. This is going to make it work harder, and you aren’t going to reap any of those benefits. In fact, you will only see a shorter lifespan and higher bills.

Everyone is looking for ways to cut back on energy bills, and knowing how to extend the life of your AC while doing that is just another plus. Use these tips from Priority Plumbing to get the most out of your cooling system, and remember that preventative maintenance is the best way to cut down on bills and save money in the long run.