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The Advantages of Bio-Cleaning Services

When it comes to plumbing in your home, the last thing you are thinking about is probably how it affects the environment. Sanitation in your home is the most important part of home maintenance, but keeping the environment clean is right behind it. All of the harmful chemicals that are used in plumbing can really do a number on people and the environment. Below are just a few of the advantages of bio-cleaning services from Priority Plumbing.


Bio-clean is safe for humans

Nobody wants to deal with overflowing drains, and anyone who has ever had a bathroom or shower overflow knows how nasty they can be. Still, having to deal with powerful chemicals that are harmful to your drains and to your health is not something most people want to go through. Bio-clean products are safe and non-toxic. With our bio-clean services, you aren’t at the same risk that you would be with normal products.

Safe for drains

Conventional cleaning chemicals attack everything. If you pour them anywhere they will begin to aggressively react. Bio-clean, on the other hand, only attacks organic materials like grease, food particles or hair. When we pour it down the drain, it doesn’t eat away at the pipe. It changes all of the waste particles into water, making your drain clean and keeping the structure intact.

It is effective immediately

Just because you are using a safe bio product doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice effectiveness. Within an hour the product will eat away at the organic materials at the sides and top of the pipe. You will have a clean drain in no time.

Our eco-friendly cleaning products produce no fumes and are non-toxic. They are great for drains, people, and the environment. The advantages of bio-cleaning services are many, and we continue to use them every day with our award-winning plumbing service.