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Why You Should Get A Home’s Plumbing Inspected Before You Buy

Buying a new home is both an exciting and stressful time, so it’s understandable that odds and ends can slip your mind when closing the deal. Aside from obvious factors like the number of rooms, size of the kitchen, and color of the outside, a home’s plumbing is one of the most important things to consider before signing on the dotted line. One question we get from customers here in Toronto is usually “is a plumbing inspection necessary on a new home”?

As you might expect, the answer is definitely yes. Without one, you could find yourself spending way too much money and in a world of trouble. Here’s why:

Most agencies won’t tell you about the plumbing

It isn’t usually bad intentions that keep the realtors from telling you about your home’s plumbing, it is usually a lack of knowledge. Realtors sell homes for a living. They don’t fix pipes. There is no way for them to really know the health of a home’s plumbing aside from obvious things like breaks and leaks. A plumbing inspection is necessary because it is the only way to learn how healthy the plumbing system is without actually living there.

Plumbing inspections save you money on emergencies

You might be wary of shelling out more money in the beginning for an inspection, especially seeing as how you have to pay for a lot of things at closing, but they are completely worth it. Imagine how much fixing massive problems down the line could be, or imagine the money you’d save by choosing a healthier home over one with a lot of issues. A small fee to have a professional come and visit is well worth the money.

Plumbing inspections give you bargaining power

If the inspection turns up nothing, that’s great. If it turns up some issues, then now you have some bargaining power. Not only can you use this to put in a lower offer and cite possible plumbing issues, you can use this to say that you can’t be sure there isn’t something else wrong with the home that you don’t know about. Having to put money into a home for repairs is cause for bringing the price down.

Mortgages, insurance, broker fees, and other closing costs might be clouding your mind, but you can’t forget about getting a professional to inspect your home’s plumbing before singing on the dotted line. If you are wondering whether or not a plumbing inspection is necessary on a new home, then the answer is definitely yes. Be sure to get the best plumbers in Toronto to inspect the plumbing before you get the keys to your dream home.

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