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How to Transition Your HVAC from Winter to Spring

We are in the depths of winter right now and one step outside will tell you just how strong old man winter’s grip is, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start thinking ahead. Transitioning from winter to spring is one of the most difficult times for both you and your home heating system. The biting cold slowly turns to rain and moisture, and your home’s HVAC system is going to need a helping hand to do it right. Let’s look at how to transition your HVAC system from winter to spring.

Get your ducts inspected

The winter probably wasn’t very kind to anything in our region, but you can be sure that’s true about your HVAC system. Transitioning your HVAC system from winter to spring starts with a thorough inspection. During this time, a professional company can do everything from evaluating their efficiency, to cleaning them of debris. Don’t go into spring blind.

Clean your air filters

You might not be using them yet, but if you have any AC units you are going to put in, then consider having the filters cleaned. If you have a central air system, then you should have a professional company come out and perform a full inspection. They might find that the air filters need to be replaced totally. Getting it done will get you ahead of the game.

Clean up outside the house

The area might be covered in snow at time, but in the next couple weeks the thaw will set in and reveal all of that debris clogging up the area around your house. Cleaning it up is something you should do anyway, but when you do it this time you should make sure to clean out the area around your vents and especially around any outdoor HVAC equipment. The winter surely did its number, so jump on this task ASAP.

Just because it’s cold out now doesn’t mean it’s going to stay that way. Just a few weeks more and we will start to see some signs of warming (or so we hope). The winter might have caused some issues for your home heating and air conditioning system, so you should get to prepping it as soon as possible. Transitioning your home’s HVAC from winter to spring is not something you should wait on. Contact the best company in the GTA for your home heating needs to help make the transition easier.

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