Watch why you should never snake a drain without performing a video inspection first!

Many homeowners believe that it makes good financial sense to attempt home repairs themselves before calling in a professional. It is extremely important to realize that more often than not, do it yourself (DIY) repairs end up causing far more costly damage. Drain cleaning is a perfect example of this. Here are the top five mistakes to avoid when you’re faced with a clogged drain.

  1. Using Liquid Chemical Drain Cleaners

What is the first solution that most people think of when their drain clogs? The answer is obvious. Run down to the hardware store, grab a bottle of liquid chemical drain cleaner, pour it in the drain, and like magic it will clear the problem within an hour or so. What most people fail to realize is that chemical drain cleaners simply do not work on solid clogs such as hair or other obstructions. In fact, the chemicals make most clogs worse. Another important fact is that the harsh chemicals in liquid drain cleaners cause damage to plumbing fixtures and other crucial parts. In the long run it is far more costly to replace those fixtures and parts than a simple professional drain clearing. Also, the harsh chemicals are dangerous to children and pets, can burn skin or eyes, and are harmful if inhaled.

  1. Attempting To Use Professional Tools

Anyone can purchase plumbing tools to use at home. Although you can buy augers and plumbing snakes without any professional certification, using them properly is another story. Licensed plumbers are trained for hours on end how to properly use those tools in order to get the job done the right way, and avoid further damage to the plumbing fixtures. When an auger or plumbing snake is used incorrectly it can force the clog deeper in the pipes. This can actually damage the pipes to a point where they need to be replaced, which is extremely costly.

3: Using Tools That Are Not Meant For Plumbing

This is even worse than attempting to use professional plumbing tools without the proper training. Coat hangers seem to be a preferred tool of the DIY plumbing repairperson. Although it may sound like a good idea to bend a metal hanger and then shove it down the pipes to reach a clog, it most definitely is not. Not only will the metal hanger often times get stuck, causing more of a problem, they may cause severe damage to PVC pipes. Replacing pipes is a tremendous expense.

4: Taking the Pipes Apart

Last but certainly not least on the list of mistakes to avoid is taking the pipes apart. Not only will you end up calling in a professional to clear the clog, you will also be spending a lot of extra money having them put the pipes back together properly. Pipe work is a complicated process that should be avoided at all costs by homeowners.

Our team of expert plumbers has all of the proper knowledge, training, experience, and professional equipment to handle of your drain clearing needs in an efficient and courteous manner. When a drain clog strikes, call Priority Plumbing for outstanding service. You’ll be glad you did.