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Priority Plumbing Nominated for Top Choice Award in 2018

For 13 years in a row, Priority Plumbing & Drains has been awarded the Top Choice Award for Best Plumbing Services in Toronto. Priority Plumbing & Drains is proud to announce that they have been nominated again in 2018.

Priority Plumbing & Drains have been dedicated to serving clients in the Toronto for over 25 Years! From day one, their mission was clear: To raise the standards of their industry by providing homeowners with extraordinary service. But what makes their company stand out among the rest is that they deem customer service as their number-one priority. Their goal is to solve complex plumbing issues while maintaining a clean workspace in their customers’ homes.

“Because we only work with homeowners, we’re very sensitive to a homeowner’s needs,” said Austin Tsakopoulos, President of Priority Plumbing, at last year’s Top Choice Awards. “We don’t treat a home like a construction site. We’re very careful…and try to bring a world-class service experience to homeowners.”

Austin Tsakopoulos is no stranger to the plumbing industry. In fact, he grew up within it. At a young age, Tsakopoulos recognized how low the standards were in the industry with respect to customer service and integrity.  His employees demonstrate competence, cleanliness and professionalism—qualities essential to any good plumber.

When it comes to their customers, Priority Plumbing covers all bases. They offer services designed for busy individuals and families, like same-day service, upfront and fair pricing, and convenient appointment times. Priority Plumbing arrives in fully stocked – warehouses on wheels to complete 99% of jobs on the spot and within a single service visit.

Part of what makes their services so unique is the personality and friendliness with which their employees treat customers. At Priority Plumbing, a plumbing service is more than just a business transaction—it’s a friendly interaction and a chance for customers to learn more about their plumbing systems. The hiring process at Priority Plumbing is done carefully and thoughtfully, with the intention of hiring only the most personable, knowledgeable technicians. They hire 1 out of 2000 applicants on average, something extremely rare in their industry.

Top Choice Awards is an International Marketing Research Company that surveys consumers to determine the best businesses in your city. Businesses granted with a Top Choice Award are held to a high standard and must qualify for certain criteria; for example, businesses require a minimum of 75% positive online business reviews and a maximum of 25% negative reviews. Nominated businesses must display an organized, efficient, and tidy workspace and receive a minimum of 25 nominations. Another important and essential criterion is operating a fair, honest, and dependable service.

This type of recognition comes as no surprise, as the dedicated staff at Priority Plumbing work tirelessly to ensure their customers are safe and happy.

“Top choice is based on customer satisfaction as opposed to volume of sales…so customer satisfaction to me is the most rewarding part of it.”

If you are interested in Priority Plumbing & Drain’s award-winning services, get in touch with their knowledgeable staff today.


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