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Signs That It’s Time to Replace Your Plumbing Fixtures

Most plumbing issues can be solved with a few adjustments or a visit for a professional plumber. After a certain period of time, however, plumbing fixtures simply stop working like the once did, at which point the best course of action is to have them replaced. It can often be difficult to tell when a plumbing fixture is worth repairing and when it should be replaced altogether. Here are a few signs that the time has come to have your plumbing fixtures replaced.

Cracked Porcelain

Toilets have an incredibly long lifespan and usually don’t need to be replaced unless you’re remodelling your bathroom. If you experience a leak, a professional plumbing will be able to address the issue without you having to replace it entirely. Porcelain cracks, however, are another story—if you crack the porcelain of your toilet bowl or tank, in most cases you will need to have the unit replaced.

Shower Hoses

The shower hose is one of the plumbing fixtures that can become broken after a long period of wear-and-tear. This is especially true if you have an adjustable shower hose—years of grabbing and pulling your shower hose can twist it and cause permanent damage. If you’ve been experiencing leaks, disruption or lower water pressure in your shower, have the system inspected and have the shower hose replaced if that’s the issue. Shower hose replacements often mean updating the entire plumbing system of your shower, so it’s important to be prepared for that possibility.

Leaky Faucets

Most leaky faucets can be easily fixed by a professional plumber without replacement by adjusting internal mechanisms. However, if your faucet continues giving you trouble after it’s been repaired, you may want to look into having it replaced. Having your faucet replaced is a relatively non-invasive and cost-effective process, so it’s an easy way to stop a leaky faucet once and for all.

Luckily, most plumbing systems these days are built to last. However, after a long period of time some elements of your plumbing system may need to be replaced. A professional plumber can assess the state of your plumbing system to determine what needs to be replaced and what can simply be repaired. For detailed and professional plumbing inspections and repairs, contact us today at Priority Plumbing.

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