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How To Pick The Right Faucet For Your Home

If you’re looking to pick out a new faucet for your home, then you may have your work cut out for you. Gone are the days when your choice was limited to a handful of options from a few select manufacturers.

As technology has advanced and the demand for more functional yet beautiful faucets has increased, so too has the number of manufacturers and styles to choose from.

Thankfully there are a few things to keep in mind to help make buying your faucet a cinch.


With so many choices in faucet type, style, and even material, keeping a budget in mind can help you to make your selection faster. Although there are many quality faucets available with little to no embellishment or decoration, there are also many faucets which offer high end features, such as chrome finish and a one-touch on/off sensor, so it’s important to know your price range before you fall in love with expensive features.


What room your faucet will be in makes a huge difference in which styles and features you should be looking for. What may be practical in a small bathroom isn’t necessarily functional in a massive kitchen or utility sink.

You also need to consider how much space is available on your counter. While you may find a beautiful faucet with all the features that you crave, if it’s too large to fit comfortably on your counter or vanity then it’s likely not a realistic option for your space.


What are you going to be using this faucet for? Just washing your hands or brushing your teeth, or scrubbing down burnt pans? What you plan on using the faucet for will also greatly impact your choice. A faucet being used in an industrial kitchen won’t likely be the same one being installed in a master bedroom.


The faucet you choose should accent your style and the decor of the room it will be placed in. Keep in mind the style and design of the light fixtures and hardware, such as door knobs, when picking a faucet.

After deciding on just the right faucet, it’s important to make sure that you have it properly installed. This is a task best left to professionals as they have the knowledge, tools, and the experience to make sure that your new faucet won’t leak, be crooked, or even come off of the counter after its first use. For professional faucet installation services make sure to call the experts at Priority Plumbing at (647) 346-6983.