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How to Clear a Clog in Your Bathtub Drain

There’s nothing like taking a nice, relaxing soak in your bathtub. A drain clog in your bathtub not only makes it impossible to take a soothing bath, it can also lead to more serious plumbing issues such as pipe damage and mold. Luckily, most clogs in your bathtub can be resolved easily. Here is some […]


The Risks of Using Drano on Your Clogged Drains: Advice from Professional Plumbers

You’ve probably heard of Drano, the household drainage cleaner that is commonly sold as most hardware stores. Maybe you’ve even used it before to clear out a stubborn clog. While Drano can do wonders for clogged drains, it can also wreak havoc on your plumbing system if it’s not used correctly. Here is some more […]


Eco-Friendly Plumbing Tips

Having running water in your home requires a tremendous amount of energy. These days, environmental issues are becoming increasingly important. Not only is it important for every homeowner to do their part to protect the environment, the efficiency of eco-friendly plumbing can help you save money on utility bills and repairs. Here are a few […]


Signs That It’s Time to Get a New Toilet

If you’re having trouble with your toilet, you may conclude that replacing it with an entirely new unit is the only solution. While replacement is the best option in some cases, a simple repair or a new part may be all you need to get your current toilet to flush like new. Here are a […]


Outdoor Plumbing Tips for Spring

As the old saying goes, April showers bring May flowers and this year is no exception. Weather forecasters are predicting a wet and rainy spring, which could mean an extra strain on your plumbing system. The exterior of your home in particular may be hit hard by spring downpours. The best way to keep your […]


What Causes Low Water Pressure?

Many homeowners have experienced the frustration of low water pressure from their taps. Low water pressure can make simple household activities such as showering or doing the dishes much more difficult and time consuming. Low water pressure is a common household plumbing problem which is fortunately very easy to solve in most cases. So what […]


How To Prepare Your Plumbing For Spring

With spring not far on the horizon, now is the time to start thinking about spring plumbing maintenance. Giving your plumbing system a tune-up at the beginning of the new season is the best way to prevent costly and frustrating damages and repairs down the line. Here are some of the small things you can […]


Winter Water Conservation Tips

Conserving the amount of water you use around the house is important, not only for the environment but also to keep your utility bills from getting too expensive. Limiting your water usage can be difficult, especially in winter when hot showers are a necessity! Here are some winter water conservation tips to help you keep […]


Plumbing Features To Inspect Before Buying a Home

Before purchasing a new home, it’s important that you have the property professionally inspected. It is especially important that you have the property’s plumbing system inspected before moving in—without a comprehensive inspection, it may be difficult for you to determine the condition of your pipes, which could lead to unanticipated plumbing accidents and breakdowns. Here […]


Fix Shower Problems Fast

During periods of extreme temperatures, nothing is more refreshing than a nice, cool shower. However, if you take too many showers in the summer, you may experience plumbing problems due to overuse or due to aging pipes. Shower problems are pretty frustrating to deal with especially when you’re busy and have a lot of other […]

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